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Kate Wheeler [formerly known as Katie]

is a cartoonist from Seattle, Washington, currently living in Amsterdam. You can find her

most recent comics in The Washington Post, NPR, and The Nib

Her illustrations and comics have been featured in Shameless Magazine, Bravery Magazine,

The America Library Association Magazine,

The Seattle Weekly and many other publications.

Upcoming Books

Team Trash:

A Time Traveler's Guide to Sustainability

August 1st, 2023, with Holiday House

When a science project goes awry, two student activists travel through time to learn how to protect our Earth from plastic pollution in modern times.

Studious environmentalist Charlie is stuck with a science fair partner who seems like her complete opposite: Charlie wants to save the planet, and all Oliver wants is to doodle in his notebook. But when a mechanical mishap sends the two traveling back through time, they’ll have to work as a team to return to the present day.

In order for the time machine to send them back, t
he unlikely duo must gather data on recycling throughout the ages -

from sustainable marketplaces in Edo Japan to garbage-gobbling pigs in 19th-century NYC. Yet the closer the team gets to the present day, the more that plastic presents a problem:

they’re running out of time.

In this sweeping educational adventure that transports readers across continents and centuries, Washington Post contributor

Kate Wheeler invites readers into the history of recycling and how students can reduce plastic waste. Wheeler’s fresh journal-style graphic novel acknowledges the reality of plastic pollution while offering accessible activist solutions, playfully-illustrated sustainability tips, and an optimistic look into how modern scientists are combating waste. Books for a Better Earth are designed to inspire children to become active, knowledgeable participants in caring for the planet they live on.

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