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Goat Magic Synopsis

Trill is a young herder with a gift for goat magic (the ability to heal and communicate with the animals). She’s headed over the mountains to market, her first solo journey. Trill is tired of feeling like her life is decided for her by her magic and her upbringing: she’s ready to strike out on her own. Her plan becomes much more complicated one moonlit night when she finds princess-turned-goat, Hermine.

The Queen has recently died, and anxious Hermine dreads taking up her crown, feeling unprepared to become ruler. She wasn’t prepared at all however, for her Uncle, a powerful sorcerer, to transform her into a goat in hopes of becoming King himself. When she meets Trill in the forest, she recognizes she'll need her help to get her crown back and prove herself to her people.

Together, they’ll begin a journey that will challenge both of them to become their own heroes, and Trill will find that her lowly goat magic might just be enough to save an entire kingdom.

Goat Magic is a story about transformation, friendship, and the power to make your own destiny.


Middle grade graphic novel, Reading age 12-16

Comps: Mooncakes, Witchy, The Princess and The Dressmaker, Snap Dragon

Length: ~250 pages, full color

Pitch Packet including sample pages, script, and detailed synopsis available upon request

Concept Art

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